LA JUNTA--'the gathering' or 'the assembly' in Spanish--is a bi-weekly summer event bringing together people of all backgrounds in the name of friendship, dancing, and deep music from points around the globe.  Based in the community of east Pasadena in LA's San Gabriel Valley, eventgoers are treated to sun-kissed afternoons in an outdoor patio setting, as music, food, libations, smiles, and dance moves flow joyfully into dusk.    

Photos of "A Dream"

Here are some 50+ photos from degruvme's "ECHOES OF A DREAM" EP release concert, with thanks to the evening's photog at large, Mauricio Alvarado.  The joyful vibes flowed generously from start to finish, as guests waiting in line outside poured into the venue from the moment the doors opened at 10pm.  So many familiar and new faces came into to fill up the dance floor, bar and lounge areas, while the deejays, DEGRUVME, and the guest artists took to the stage and let their lights shine all night long.  Be sure to stay tuned to news about the digital release of ECHOES OF A DREAM in the coming weeks!

Our deepest gratitude and thanks go to the folks directly involved in the fruition of this project <3

Alexandro D. Hernández Gutiérrez
Angie Kings
Hector Flores
Leah Gallegos
Irene Diaz
Guillermo Luna
George 'Vibe' Cardenas
Farah Sosa

Release Event:
Julieta Isela
Luis Polanco
The Funky Brewsterz
The Crossing
Linda Galaviz
Mauricio Alvarado
Rachel Hernandez & Laila Abdullah
Irene Mukul

Promotional Partners:
The Living Sessions
Sunset Ecléctico
EnClave Los Angeles
Happening in DTLA
Universal Rhythm Productions